Literaturarchiv Salzburg and Reed Library Archives Combine Efforts and Zweig Collections

(l to r) Verena Höller, graduate student assistant, Literaturarchiv Salzburg; Lina Maria Zangerl, Archivist, Literaturarchiv Salzburg; Oliver Matuschek, Zweig biographer and scholar

(l to r) Verena Höller, graduate student assistant (LaS); Lina Maria Zangerl, Archivist (LaS);
Oliver Matuschek, Zweig biographer
© Kim Taylor

(l to r): Oliver Matuschek, Zweig biographer and scholar; Kim Taylor, Archivist, Fredonia Archives & Special Collections

(l to r): Oliver Matuschek
and Kim Taylor, Archivist (A&SC)
© Literaturarchiv Salzburg

A recent visit to the Literaturarchiv Salzburg (LaS) by Reed Library Archivist Kim Taylor served to facilitate a new collaboration between the LaS and the Archives & Special Collections at Fredonia (A&SC) focused on the respective Stefan Zweig collections held by both institutions. The project, intended to support the virtual “re-joining” of Zweig’s literary estate via a digital platform, will enable enhanced scholarly engagement with materials that once existed alongside each other and are now separated by an ocean. These materials – such as Zweig’s eulogy for Sigmund Freud, of which the A&SC holds the first page, the LaS the remaining five – will eventually find a surrogate home in the digital world as work begins on both sides of the Atlantic.

The project is the vision of noted Zweig biographer Oliver Matuschek, who has been working with both collections for many years and possesses an intimate knowledge of their contents. It will constitute a joint effort by Mr. Matuschek, Lina Maria Zangerl (Archivist, LaS) and Kim Taylor (Archivist, A&SC). Their work will benefit not only the growing number of Zweig scholars worldwide, but the individual missions of the two repositories as well.

Fragment of Freud eulogy by Zweig

Fragment of Zweig’s eulogy for Freud
(Stefan Zweig Collection, H206, Reed Library A&SC, Fredonia)

Ms. Taylor’s visit was supported in part by a research fellowship program jointly administered by both the City of Salzburg Cultural Department and the LaS, with the encouragement of Dr. Manfred Mittermayer, LaS Director, and Randolph Gadikian, Reed Library Director. Initial launch of the platform is projected for the first part of 2018.

View of Salzburg with Kapuzinerberg (where Zweig lived) on the left.

View of Salzburg – Kapuzinerberg (where Zweig lived) is on the left
© Kim Taylor

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